Tim Dannelly Bio

Tim Dannelly travels the United States as a professional speaker.  He authored Living the American Dream and Forgotten Fundamentals of Effective Leadership, books designed to inspire and empower people in leadership roles and those wishing to improve the quality of their lives.  He wrote Selling the American Dream, an entertaining and enlightening book that teaches people how to enjoy making a living in a successful sales career.

With well over forty years experience in the areas of sales, public relations and broadcasting, Tim’s leadership and management exposure includes sales professionals, entertainers and specialized technicians. 

A native of Texas, Tim grew up in coastal North Carolina.  He served in Vietnam as an AC-47 Crew Chief and was involved in training US Air Force and Allied Air Force Aircraft Mechanics.  He served as a successful Air Force Recruiter, and was selected as a sales and public relations instructor by the Air Force Recruiting School in San Antonio, Texas.  He originated a nationally aired Air Force Recruiting radio program, which he also hosted.  His exceptional communicative skills introduced him as a speaker and sales trainer for annual meetings of Recruiters across the country.

Following his Air Force career, Tim pursued a sales career involving intangibles, such as broadcast advertising, as well as the very tangible areas of real estate and new cars.  In each sales endeavor, he quickly rose to management.  Tim was a regular speaker and sales trainer for Realtors.  He successfully managed several AM and FM radio stations, specializing in the “turnaround” of failing radio stations.  His new vehicle sales team was nationally cited for high sales achievements. 

His strong commitment to excellence in the marketplace is based upon the belief that Biblical principles are as practical in the business world as in one’s personal life.  

Both of his sons are US Air Force veterans.  Tiffany's husband Brian, formerly with Special Ops as an AC-130 Crew Chief, overhauls US Coast Guard Helicopters.  Mike, retired as a Chief Master Sergeant, is the Lead Meteorologist at Eglin AFB.  Mike and his wife Leslie are the parents of Tim’s grandchildren – Scottie, Lily, Lydia and Laura.

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