Tim Dannelly 

Customer Service Seminars


 "Behind The Scenes of The Winning Team"  (All dealing with Internal Team & Clients)

            Providing Outstanding Service includes:

·     How to Put the Organization's best foot forward

·     Handling Concerns professionally

·     Building Team Spirit among the Staff

·     Ways of Keeping a Winning Attitude


 "Developing A Customer Service Plan for Your Business"  

(Business Owners, Managers)                                                                                                                  

            Training Employees to Build Repeat Business includes:

·    How to identify and provide what your market wants

·    Steps to helping employees develop Customer Centered Thinking

·    How to embolden employees faced with aggressive competition

·    Ways to motivate employees to encourage Return and Repeat Business


 "Deliver Delight!"  

(Business Owners, Corporate Help Desk, Sales, Hospitality, Customer Relations)                                                                                                                  

            Turning Crises into Purchases includes:

·    Steps to developing Customer Centered Thinking

·    How to Say No and Deliver Bad News

·    Building Proactive Thinking within your team


  "People Skills for Professionals" (Management, Leadership, Service, Public contact) 

          Enhancing professionalism in the workplace while meeting the public includes:

·    Image in the office - What, How and Why

·    Recommended styles of successfully serving difficult people

·    How to enjoy every workday 


       “Turn Business Phone Calls Into Cash” (Sales, Retail, Customer Service)

         Business Telephone Techniques includes:

·    Telephone Etiquette for the business place

·    What Can and what Cannot be handled on the phone

·    Telephone Techniques for increased sales

·    Tomorrow's business telephone



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