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Leadership Seminars


    “Bold Leadership For Challenging Times”   (Motivational, Management, Recovery)

       Retaining Excellent Employees & Removing others, Bouncing Back includes:

·  How to make yourself highly marketable as a Leader  

·  Hiring and Training approaches that maximize Bottom Line

·  What to do about problem employees

·  Ways to build commitment among employees 


 "Communicating Effectively in Today's Workplace" 

(Management, Sales, Business Owners) 

               Enhancing Workplace Communication includes:

·   Styles of workplace communication available today

·   Roadblocks to effective workplace communication

·   How to determine the most effective method for your team


 "Conflict Resolution For The Real World" (Management, Leadership)

          Retaining good employees and keeping them happy includes:

·  Why disagreement  happens among employees and toward management

·  Recommended styles of managing conflict

·  How to keep people productive


 "Controlling Labor Cost in Your Business"   

          Dealing with Mandatory Benefits, Overtime and other issues includes:

·   Make Success available for each Team Member

·   Plan 100 cents return on every Labor Dollar

·   Build a team that fits the economics of Your Business


“Ethics for the Professional”   (Management, Sales, Staff, Business Owners)

Honor and adherence to high standards includes:

·    Deciding to follow the Honor Code  

·    Returning value for value

·    Respect for Employees, Supervisors and clients

·   The importance of Generating Profit


 "Executive Communication"  (Management) 

               Communication Techniques for Leaders includes:

·   Effective Speaking for Leaders

·   Making sure Writing is businesslike  

·   Ways to Facilitate Successful Meetings


“Forgotten Fundamentals of Effective Leadership” 

(Management, Hiring, Training, Team Building, Business Owners)  

               How to lead ordinary people toward doing great things includes:

·   What and how to Feed Your Mind

·  The value of Looking like and Acting like a Leader

·  How to stop wasting time and start exceeding expectations


 "People Skills for Professionals" (Management, Leadership, Service, Public contact) 

          Enhancing workplace professionalism while meeting the public includes:

·  Image in the office - What, How and Why

·  Recommended styles of successfully serving difficult people

·  How to enjoy every workday 


  "Prepare to GROW Your Business" (Management, Leadership)

          Blending new and old employees while keeping focus includes:

·  Typical results of rapid growth

·  Successful Leadership styles for handling growth-related conflict

·  What to do about borderline employees


   "The Best Year of Your Life"  (Motivational, Management, Sales, Business Owners) 

               A crash course on organizational skills includes:

·  Developing and keeping a Winning Attitude

·  Time Management for the Executive or the Janitor

·  Remaining Successful, even if you lose your job


            “Traits of Successful People”   (Motivational, Management, Business Owners)

       Teambuilding, Leadership by Example & Motivation includes:

·  Involving employees more often and more effectively  

·  Helping employees win

·  Employee discipline that nets positive results

· Professional conduct in the workplace, Empathetic leadership 


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