Tim Dannelly 

Seminars for those in non-sales and non-management roles


 "Behind The Scenes of The Winning Team"  (All dealing with Internal Team & Clients)

            Providing Outstanding Service includes:

     How to Put the Organization's best foot forward

     Handling Concerns professionally

     Building Team Spirit among the Staff

     Ways of Keeping a Winning Attitude


 "Communicating Effectively in Today's Workplace"  (Management, Sales) 

               Enhancing Workplace Communication includes:

   Styles of workplace communication available today

   Roadblocks to effective workplace communication

   How to determine the most effective method for your team 


 "Public Speaking Made Easy"  (Management, Sales, Customer Service) 

               How Non-Speakers can make effective presentations includes:

   Ways to assure listeners will pay attention and remember

   What to do about your own Butterflies  

   What to say and how to say it


"The Best Year Of Your Life"  (Management, Motivational, Sales) 

               A crash course on organizational skills includes:

  Developing and keeping a Winning Attitude

  Time Management for the Executive or the Janitor

  Remaining Successful, even if you lose your job


  Starting And Operating A Home-Based Business"   (Marketing, Retail, Business Owners)

         Developing a winning Sales Plan includes:

   The Best sources of business funding

   Home Office Essentials

   Staffing Empowered and Committed Employees

   Formulating Advertising that doesn't give away the store


"The Student Customer"  (Professional Educators, Educational Support Staff)

            Providing Outstanding Service to Students includes:

 How to Put the Institution's best foot forward

  Handling Student Concerns professionally

  Building Team Spirit among the Staff


      "Traits of Successful People"   (Motivational, Management)

       Teambuilding, Leadership by Example & Motivation includes:

  Involving employees more often and more effectively  

  Helping employees win

  Employee discipline that nets positive results

Professional conduct in the workplace, Empathetic leadership 


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