Tim Dannelly 

Real Estate Seminars


 "Real Estate Success - Key To A Strong Economy"  (Real Estate Sales - Listing)

         Building a secure Real Estate Career includes:

     The importance of Building Your OWN Inventory 

   What groups of people are The Best Prospects

   How to Negotiate With Confidence and Win

     Hints for Making Sure Your Listings SELL


 Real Selling For Real Estate Professionals  (Real Estate Sales)

         A proven plan for successfully selling and listing real property includes:

     Who is a Customer - and who isn't

     How to make the property come alive

     When to discuss the contract and earnest money

     Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


 "Sales Secrets of Successful Property Managers"  (Property Management)

         Building and retaining 100% Occupancy includes:

    How to Qualify Clients 

   Turning the Walk-Through into a Move-in

   Explaining and asking for the Deposit

     Transforming Tenants into Sales Reps


   "Tips For Keeping Your Real Estate Career On Track"  (Real Estate Sales)

         Building a successful Real Estate Career includes:

     Steps to developing A Goal-oriented Prospecting Plan 

   Listing Techniques that result in Sold Properties

   Refining and personalizing your Sales Process

     How to Encourage Return Business


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