Tim Dannelly 

Sales Seminars


 "Fast Track to Sustained Positive Cash Flow" (Sales, Business Owners)

   How to Capitalize in a Volatile Market  includes:   

·    Ways to stop wasting time and start making money   

·    Why a solid Sales Process is vital to your success

·    How to make sure you never run out of qualified leads


  “How To Out-Sell and Out-Last Your Competition”  (Sales, Management, Business Owners)

Maximizing your sales income includes:

·    Ways to Make More Money With The Same Customer Base

·    What to do about Aggressive Competition

·    The Never-ending Source of High Volume - High Profit Customers


 Proactive Selling in a Reactive World (Sales, Purchasing, Management, Business Owners)

  The difference in SUCCESSFUL Salespeople  includes:   

·    How to ask for the money and get it   

·    Negotiating with confidence and honor

·    Closing in a timely way without leaving money on the table


Real Selling For Real Estate Professionals  (Real Estate Sales, Property Management)

         A proven plan for successfully selling and listing real property includes:

·    Who is a Customer - and who isn't

·    How to make the property come alive

·    When to discuss the contract and earnest money

·    Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


 “Salesmanship - The Power That Keeps America Moving” (Sales, Management, Motivational, Business Owners)

         How to Enjoy Making Your Living as a Sales Professional includes:

·  Why Sales is the Most Desirable Career

·  Qualities of a winning Sales Professional   

·  The Facts Of Life about Sales Calls

·  Ways to Sell More with fewer Sales Calls


  Selling Cars For Fun And Profit  (Automotive Sales)

         A proven plan for successfully selling vehicles includes:

·   Determining what it's going to take to earn their business

·   How to help the Customer mentally own the car

·   Negotiating with confidence and holding gross profit

·   Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


   “Selling To Tough Customers” (Sales, Business Owners)

         The basics of successful selling includes:

·  Qualifying customers

·  Finding Customer Individuality and Customizing every sale

·  Involving the customer in the sales process

·  Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


  Starting And Operating A Home-Based Business"  (Marketing, Retail, Business Owners)

         Developing a winning Sales Plan includes:

·   The Best sources of business funding

·   Home Office Essentials

·   Staffing Empowered and Committed Employees

·   Buying Advertising that doesn't give away the store


   “Succeed In Your Auto Sales Career - Regardless!”  (Experienced Automotive Salespeople, Sales managers)

 Maximizing your Automotive sales income includes:

·    Steps to developing a Goal Oriented Prospecting Plan

·    Guaranteed sources of Hot Prospects available Right Now

·    Refining and personalizing your Personal Sales Process


"What Your Customer Really Wants"   (Sales, Retail, Service, Hospitality, Business Owners)

            Providing Outstanding Customer Service includes:

·    How to Put your best foot forward

·    Helping customers enjoy the Buying process

·    Building Return Business and making more money


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